Issue 762 Week 08 Vol 15

In Issue 762, Family Day weekend is upon us and the Bayfield and Area Chamber of Commerce has an engaging series of events planned for this Saturday, from themed hot beverages to dancers in a snow globe, there will surely be something for everyone to love! And speaking of love, the Bayfield Community Centre is looking for some collective adoration, asking people to please share their stories, photos, notes and thumbs up emojis in the first round of Kraft Hockeyville ending Feb. 18, more details can be found in our photo story.

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Issue 760 Week 06 Vol 15

In Issue 760, we celebrate the announcement that enough funds have been raised to complete a pedestrian walkway to the Bayfield River Flats, and in our photo story, we learn about a new community cookbook composed of recipes from both Huron’s life-long residents and recent newcomers to the County…

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Issue 755 Week 01 Vol 15

In Issue 755, December was filled with lots of holiday hoopla and we look back on two such events this week: the “Let it Be Christmas” concert, held to raise funds for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and the Hopped Up Holiday Market, that provided last minute shoppers plenty of unique choices to tick gifts off their lists. Sending wishes for a Happy New Year to our Bayfield Breeze subscribers!

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