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Issue 725 Week 23 Vol 14

May 31, 2023


In Issue 725, there are a few summer events in the headlines which could mean only one thing – the favorite season of many residents of and visitors to the village is only 23 days away! In our photo story, we look back on a popular Spring event – the Bayfield Lions Community Breakfast…

Issue 724 Week 22 Vol 14

May 24, 2023


In Issue 724, another Victoria Day weekend has been entered into the history books and what a brilliant one it was! Be sure to check out our coverage of the Optimist Club of Bayfield’s Rubber Duck Race held on Sunday afternoon in our photo story…

Issue 723 Week 21 Vol 14

May 17, 2023


In Issue 723, we look back on just some of the events that transpired over a very busy Mother’s Day weekend with two photo stories highlighting the Bayfield Sailboat Public Art Project and the Bayfield Beer, Wine and Food Festival! And we look ahead to the traditional Victoria Day weekend events such as the Bayfield Lions Community Breakfast and the Bayfield Optimist Club’s Rubber Duck Race. Happy May 2-4 everyone!

Issue 722 Week 20 Vol 14

May 10, 2023


In Issue 722, we look forward to a busy weekend in the village with a plant sale, art unveiling, beverage and food festival and a Jamboree for children all taking place! And in our photo story, we look back on the recent Earth Day hike and village clean up hosted by the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association…

Issue 721 Week 19 Vol 14

May 3, 2023


In Issue 721, we share an update from the Bayfield People and Canine Community (PACC) regarding their ongoing efforts to secure a location for a dog park and in our photo story, we take a closer look at all Bayfield Lions Home and Leisure Show…