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At its heart, the Bayfield Breeze was created as a place to share the latest happenings in the village highlighted by articles and photos. It is a news source primarily created for, with and by its residents. Since it was first established in the summer of 2009, neighboring communities have grown to enjoy this “paperless” paper as well. As a result, the issues now benefit from an expanded base of news including some of the goings on beyond Bayfield’s borders that may be of interest to locals.

Issue 763 Week 09 Vol 15

February 21, 2024


In Issue 763, we learn a little history about the Bayfield Boat Yard and in our photo story we take a stroll along Main Street during Winter Wonderscape to see how the village rolled out a snowy carpet for visitors and residents over Family Day Weekend…

Issue 762 Week 08 Vol 15

February 14, 2024


In Issue 762, Family Day weekend is upon us and the Bayfield and Area Chamber of Commerce has an engaging series of events planned for this Saturday, from themed hot beverages to dancers in a snow globe, there will surely be something for everyone to love! And speaking of love, the Bayfield Community Centre is looking for some collective adoration, asking people to please share their stories, photos, notes and thumbs up...

Issue 761 Week 07 Vol 15

February 7, 2024


In Issue 761, the Bayfield and Area Chamber of Commerce reveals some exciting plans for Family Day Weekend, and in our photo story, we learn about a conference held recently to unite the myriad of clubs and groups that are the backbone of this community…

Issue 760 Week 06 Vol 15

January 31, 2024


In Issue 760, we celebrate the announcement that enough funds have been raised to complete a pedestrian walkway to the Bayfield River Flats, and in our photo story, we learn about a new community cookbook composed of recipes from both Huron’s life-long residents and recent newcomers to the County…

Issue 759 Week 05 Vol 15

January 24, 2024


In Issue 759, we meet the first defender for Bayfield Reads 2024 and learn how a Tabby came to be known as “Valury” at Bayfield’s Forgotten Felines, and in our photo story, we tour new accommodations that recently opened in the heritage district…